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With Pride, A Blessing,
And more often a tear or two, we bid our
Freedom is the greatest gift you can give a healthy wild animal.
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Moose Mountain R & R

The Service we provide places the wildlife back in the wild where they belong able to
survive on their own!

We are members of the WRSOS ,who run a provincial wildlife hotline, this also increases
the amount of exposure
we get and the  amount of animals. Our Service is for the Wildlife of Saskatchewan and
the people as they are educated to
value, respect, & co-exist with  all life.
We measure our success with pride when the animals are released back into the wild!
Last season as we did a soft
release on the 4 foxes in our care, we were able to spot them at different times
thoughout the winter,they were
thriving and looking great, photos of them can in their full winter coats can be seen on  
here on our website

As our province continues to prosper and grow in the south east corner, highway traffic
increases,our wildlife is the one to suffer our prosperity, we are only trying to provide a
service much  needed in our province, it seems when it comes to helping wildlife/wildlife
rehab. centers Saskatchewan is lagging far behind the other provinces!

To us one life saved is success,no life is too small.
Spotted "GG" our 2009 Red
Fox ,she is looking very well!
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enlarged version.