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"Not to hurt our bretheran
of fur, feather or fin is not
enough. We have the
higher mission to be of
service whenever they
require it."

Francis of Assisi
Raccoons typically have their babies in April and May after a 63 day long
gestation.   The babies are born with their eyes and ears closed and are completely
helpless.  They open their eyes at around 3 weeks of age but don't start
accompanying their mothers on foraging adventures until they are around 10 weeks
old.  Raccoons mature slower than kittens and puppies and aren't weaned until
12-16 weeks of age.  They stay with their mothers well into the fall and often
through their first winter, raccoon kits don't mature mentally until approx. 10
months and for this reason and our harsh, harsh, Saskatchewan winters that we
winter the raccoon kits and release in the spring when food sources become
In addition to climbing areas in the raccoon enclosures, efforts are
made to take on outings for experience and building confidence.
Moose Mountain Recoupe & Release is currently caring for and will
winter Fourteen raccoons to be released Spring of 2010.
Mother's Day Litter- the Harvey crew
The Golden Boys
The Appell Gang