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Projects 2009
Moose Mountain R & R
Moose Mountain R & R
would like to Thank all
who made the building of
these projects possible !
Squirrel enclosure
Quarantine/Release pen
This pen was built so that it may
serve double purposes,it can be
assembled in about 20 min and it is
used in the spring to take animals
out for soft release  on wildlife
lands and it is then used for the
summer months to quarantine
animals before they go in with
healthy groups.
click on picture
for enlarged
We are currently collecting building materials for the construction of a new
building/enclosure for the neonates ,a new deer enclosure, and
enlargement of the fox enclosure we hope the additions of  these are in
the near future hopefully we will have the supplies in place to start as soon
as the snow melts .  If you can contribute in any way, with lumber or wire
please contact us !.
We  Sincerely Thank  the community,
neighbours, and all those who have taken the
time to show support or donate to our cause in
setting up facilities to help Saskatchewan
. in crisis,
We are very excited to be able to share with you the new
photos of  the new raccoon enclosure!  Click on the
thumbnail photos for a larger view!
Special thanks to Moose Mountain Wildlife Fed. - Arcola
                   BCCDI- Bear Claw Community Dev. Initiative
                   SIGA- Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Assoc.
                   Fr. Joe Frey- Kenosee Lake
                   Marg Nishick- Kenosee Lake
                   Hank's Oilfield Maintenance- Estevan
                   ARCOLA BUILDING SUPPLIES- Harry Laurent