About the Artist: Cheryl Winkler
I grew up in the beautiful Moose Mountains, Our home where I live with my husband of 29
years, my devoted angel Shadey (elkhound retriever x) and 4  house-cats,  is on the border of
the provincial park. The park and area is home to abundant wildlife deer ,elk ,moose, coyote,  
squirrels, abundant birds, raccoons, fox, badger, and bear, the occasional Lynx siting along with
cougar and wolf are only a few of the species of wildlife that inhabit this beautiful oasis in the
prairies .  Wildlife has been a life long love of mine, growing up on the farm, I started taking in
orphans as a teenager ,raising my first raccoons, my admiration for this intelligent animal has
led me down the path that I am on now, largely due to one very special non-releasable named
Sweet William who passed on to Rainbow Bridge in 2007, I now dedicate my time to helping
injured, orphaned, or displaced animals. I am a Licenced Wildlife Rehabilitator  operating out of
our 3 acres on the park edge, this opportunity gives me ample subject material for my art which
in turn helps to support the wildlife in our care.  All proceeds of the sales of my wildlife art go
directly to the care of the animals, less the cost of framing, if you choose to purchase unframed
art then 100% of the sale goes to the wildllife fund.  I have been painting for 40 years,
sketching even longer than that, I am a mainly self taught artist but did take some lessons from
well -known artist Micheal Lonechild, I gained as an artist through these lessons, and have
nothing but admiration for his brilliant art, I admire the Greats such as Robert Bateman and Carl
Brenders and strive for the detail and realism that they have achieved.  I paint with a number of
mediums, but mostly with acrylics.  The last 12 years have brought me painting on
feathers,natures natural canvas and I love the extra dimension that the texture of the feather
brings to the wildlife, I hope you enjoy browsing my art here and hope that   a piece of Wink's
World will catch your eye and find a place in your home.
All my Art is Signed Wink, shortened version of Winkler.
copy-right property of the artist-All rights reserved.
Wildlife Art By Wink
Art For Animals~
I accept PayPal, or cheque , art will not be sent out until after cheque clears,
if you are interested in a particular art piece you can phone or email me  and
we can work out final price with shipping.
If you see a piece that you like that has been sold, I can do something
similiar, but realize that all works are original and it will not be exactly the
same and feather art differs with each individual feather.