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Shapeshifter, he's sometimes called, the coyote, misunderstood and
feared by many, often hated by ranchers, has his role in the
ecosystem if only we would leave them manage their own
population and stop interfering.  Studies have Proved that man's
attempts to eliminate the coyote have only backfired actually
increasing coyote population, with Prey more abundant they respond
by having larger litters, if you would like more information on this
study read one of the country's foremost wildlife ecologists, Robert
L. Crabtree, wrote the following scientific opinion letter on coyote
control for Predator Defense.
Read Dr. Crabtree's letter
For loads of information on the coyote check out  The Eastern
Coyote Institute webpage.
Pictured to the right is 2 of 5 coyote
pups that came into our care through
the WRSOS, found by a young girl and
her dog the orphans were taken
home as the female coyote was found
to have been hit by a car.
The Coyote male is known in cases
like this to take over the rearing of
their litter with success.
All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we
do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to

--Chief Seattle
Through TEAM efforts, rehabbers,
Wildlife Vets at the University of
Saskatoon and volunteers through the
WRSOS(Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
of Saskatchewan), the rehabilitation
and release of this coyote family was
considered a success