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"Palm"~  Peregrine Falcon
~Birds Of Prey~
Great Horned Owl~ Referred to as Mr.
             Currently in care.
Prairie Falcon came into care with an Old fracture,
emaciated, unfortunately this beautiful fellow did not survive.
WOW, the first Peregrine Falcon to come into care , This Gorgeous Falcon was brought in
due to the Palmer's , Larry Palmer and his daughter Hanna, saw that she was in trouble and
acted bringing her here, with a broken wing , I then transported her for surgery to Dr.
Melanie Blager in Moose Jaw.  Palm is still in care in Moose Jaw.

* UPDATE on Palm ~ unfortunately the pinning did not work and due to infection Palm's wing
had to be amputated , she is currently under the care of  Larry Going and is used in
educational presentations by Larry through the WRSOS. She has been renamed Portia.