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Moose Mountain R & R - Squirrels
Fox Squirrel
Red Squirrels
"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
                                                                            Mother Teresa
This is the first Fox Squirrel to come into our care, what an incredibly beautiful animal she is, upon
conferring with other wildlife rehabbers ,she should not be released until 6 monthsof age,that puts her
release in October,winter may be fully upon us so she will be given a winter home and soft released in
the spring.
A very special THANK YOU to Patty and Alan Ward in building the
pre-release cage for the Red Squirrels, for the care they give them until
soft release is given in the safety of the provincial park. This  is their
second year helping with the squirrels and it is very much appreciated!
Thank-you Alan for the donation of building all the Cedar Squirrel
Houses and the special one for the fox squirrel.
The Balfour Bunch
William & Ward Litter
Meet  " Theodore"~  2012~ Fox Squirrel
Theodore, was found by 2 young ladies, Jessica Dredge and Michaela Crawford,
crawling on the ground not far from a lot that had been recently cleared of trees.
  Theodore is now Thriving thanks to genuine concern of these young girls.
He will soon be transferred to a larger enclosure, please check back for more
updates and photos of Theodore at a later date.
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