Wow, What an event, What a Perfect Week-end ! Great Weather, Great People,
Great Food, all coming together to show their support for our Wildlife!  Sometimes as
a Wildllife Rehabilitator , even though we are blessed with having close contact with
so many species most people get to experience only through photos, we can feel
isolated, because the wildlife are exposed to the least  amount of human presence as
possible. We do long nights, feedings every couple hrs, food preparation, cage
cleaning, enclosure enhancement(to keep the wildlife from being bored and to make it
as natural as possible) This season I never even made it out of our yard before
August from May, at times we can feel alone in our cause to assist all the wildlife that
needs help and to help educate others about co-existing with our wild neighbours.  By
the seasons end, most rehabilitators are exhausted,  it's events such as this one ,
organized by a wonderful group of people who show they care, it's community, the
businesses who donated prizes, the pledges given to help us stay afloat financially in
caring for all the wildlife and their needs, that show me I am not alone,  and that these
people Care about the cause I passionately devote my time too, so I Thank each and
every one involved in making this fund-raiser a success!
Without you all, our work would not be possible!
Community Support ~ Great Prizes!