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kits, check back I will be
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Four Plus Two More Are Added To The Fox Family
In my opinion, having a surrogate adult fox when rehabilitating young orphan fox is
invaluable, this season proved that to me beyond a doubt, I was hands off, Rose did
all the work, pictured above to the left is Rose with a mouthful of Mice, voicing the
low grunting she uses to call her family out when it's time to feed, my photos chances
got fewer and fewer, the kits were afraid of human presence very quickly, initially
they would start to come out as soon as they heard Rose calling, but as soon as I was
detected all I got was Red Flashes of Fur as they dove for cover as you can see in the
photo to the right.  My Visuals of  Rose's family became virtually none, I had to trust
that they were all doing fine, but mid August I could stand it no more, I had to see , I
lifted one of the den box lids only giving enough room to get my camera's viewfinder
in and I snapped one photo, below is the photo that resulted from that one shot,.......
two and a nose of goregous healthy large WILD young fox!  They were almost ready
to be out on their own! a Few more weeks and our fox family would be free as they
were intended to be.
~Rose's Job as a Parent would
soon come to an end...
What a Fantastic Job she did!

.......I wondered if she would be
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