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A Rose is a Rose.............. Unless it's a  Fox!
Meet Rose a very  important member of our TEAM!
Meet Rose
Rose is a one year old Red Fox  in our care and has proved herself as a very
valuable member of our team.  Rose came into care in the fall of 2010 with
health problems that have unfortunately been confirmed by veterinarian leaving
Rose unreleasable to the wild.  
Well meaning people found her as a baby, brought her home, housed and fed
her with their family dog for companionship and as a result Rose is habituated
to people and dogs, the diet she was fed did not meet the nutritional needs of
a young growing fox  and as well has a sight impairment.

Rose will now never be able to experience being Wild,  with her physical
impairment and domestication she could never survive in the wild.

Moose Mountain Recoupe & Release does not advocate the keeping of wild
animals as pets,  Rose is not in any pain with her impairment, has not known
another life except of one in captivity and can still enjoy life and serve a
purpose here that is invaluable to our cause as each year we receive in
orphaned fox kits.  Studies in  other centers rehabilitating fox show that using
a non releasable adult  vixen(female) fox that  exhibits parenting behavior
towards the pups will insure their wildness and successful release back to the
wild, the pups learn that their food comes from the adult and not humans and
thus upon release will not seek out humans for food.  Pups who come in alone
who are placed with the adult quickly become more at ease, less stressed,
more playful and exhibit more normal behavior than pups raised with a
surrogate parent, contributing to faster growth rates, and larger more confident
pups!    Rose raised her first Foster family this spring 2011, a litter of 4 and
then 2 more were brought in making her family 6,  she not only did a wonderful
job, she taught me so much more about fox behavior, she is an excellent
mother, we will be sharing more photos and video of her first family, so be sure
to check back with us!
Rose meets her new family!
Rose, shown above with one of the four orphans whose
mother was found dead in the suburbs of Regina, the
surviving  fox kits were found eight days later and
brought out to MMRR. Story and Photo was published on
the front page of the Leader Post on May 19, 2011