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click on the Young Living Essential Oils to go to my supply of the
World's finest Essential Oils, I have been using these wonderful
oils now for 6 years on myself and the animals when needed, I
believe in the use of natural products, feel free to contact me
with any questions regarding Young Living Oils

Perma Guard's Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth:
We hope that you have read about the many uses for Diatomaceous
Earth (Food Grade and Feed Grade) and know this natural product is
by far the safest and one of the most purest of products out there for
detoxing and over all health for you, your animals and environment!  
Our Diatomaceous Earth is from fresh water and these "Fresh water
deposits are so pure that the Food and Drug Aministration has given
it a food-grade designation.  There by making it 100% safe for human

The composition of Diatomaceous Earth is silica, sodium, boron,
strontium, vanadium, gallium, titanium, aluminum, manganese,
magnesium, iron, calcium, copper and zirconium, with Silica
constituting around 84%.  Silica, in the human body,  holds  
approximatley seven grams of silica, a quantity that exceeds the
amounts for other  important minerals such as iron!  
Take a few minutes to browse this wonderful site on
another  natural product I use on myself and the animals
Through SIGA(Saskatchewan Indian Gaming)
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