"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants
happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do
other creatures."
                                       The Dalai Lama

Moose Mountain R & R is located on the border of Moose Mountain Prov.Park . We believe in all life,
all God's creatures deserve a helping hand if need be in our every changing ,busy world, a world
where their habitat seems to be dwindling, highway incidents implode the amount of human made
orphans as their mothers become statistics and we as rehabbers become foster moms if the young
ones left behind are fortunate enough to be found.

Wildlife Rehabbers are licenced and trained to provide the proper nutrients/kcal requirement in the
diets of each individual species. They provide up to code housing ensuring their patients stress is
kept as minimal as possible. Their medical needs are attended to and when needed we have the
assistance of three wonderful veterinarians,
Dr. Rebecca Gervin, Dr. Bladger, Dr. McFarlene,.  We
have contact and access as well to the Wildlife Vets at the Saskatoon University Hospital.  The best
interest and quality of Life of the animal always comes first!


If you have found an animal that you believe to be in need of help:
  • That is have you monitored it to make sure the parents aren't just out foraging.
  • Does it have an obvious injury/bleeding,fleas,maggots,crying, circling or unusual behavior
  • Is the parent lying there dead
Contact your local Conservation Officer, Wildlife Rehab Center,Veterinarian, local SPCA, or
R.C.M.P and they can direct you to your nearest Wildlife Rehabber.

If you are in need of advice or are in the area of Moose Mountain Prov. Park or southern
part of the prov. of Sask. then feel free to call me, do not email as my email my not be
checked regularly through the summer season.

PHONE:  (306) 577-4809
EMAIL:  wink@xplornet.com

If you are out of the Southern Part of the province and require assistance please call
WRSOS Hotline: (306) 242-7177
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My family is not confined
to mother, mate, and child;
but it includes all creatures
be they tame or wild;
my family upon this earth
includes all living things,
on land, or in the ocean deep,
or borne aloft on wings.

~ Alicia S. Carpenter

We Hope you got a laugh out of our Anthromorphic "Raccoon Bed & Breakfast"   The
Raccoons  really do love their hammocks  and Kate Freeman created this wonderful "Bed
and Breakfast scene from my original photo featuring Maggie and Max .
Thank-you Kate!
Our Service is for the Wildlife of Saskatchewan and the
people as they are educated to
Value, Respect, & Co-exist
with  all life.
We measure our success with pride when the animals are
released back into the wild!